Peach Crab Garden Grumps Kickstarter

Written by Shelly Rodriguez


Posted on March 02 2020

One of my most popular characters, Peach Crab, is the star of a Kickstarter all her own!

She's been out of stock since shortly after the original Crabapple Cousins Kickstarter project was fulfilled, and many people ask for her at event after event, so this is my answer to that request.

This is a small project to restock one of our most popular Crabapple Cousins plush, Peach Crab! She has been upgraded and resized--her gradient is now 100% soff and her bod is chonk, complete with very luscious BUNS.🍑

The project launches on March 3rd 2020 at 7:30am PST, and will end on April 2nd 2020 at 7:30pm PST. 

Check out the project here!

Old Peach Crab on the left, NEW Peach Crab on the right.



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