Next event: DesignerconNov 16-18, Anaheim CA - Booth 1823

Convention Schedule

Is inki-Drop coming to an event near you? Keep this page bookmarked for convention appearances, local pop-ups and more! Events marked in BOLD are confirmed, grayed out means the event has passed.

SacAnime Winter - Sacramento CA - January 3rd-5th
Further Confusion - San Jose, CA - January 11th-15th
Wondercon - Anaheim, CA - March 23rd-25th - Dealers Booth 1447
SakuraCon - Seattle, WA - March 30th-April 1st - Dealers Booth 1120
Furry Weekend Atlanta - Atlanta, GA - April 5th-8th - Booth TBA
Fanime - San Jose, CA - May 25th-28th - Dealers Booth 510
Anime Expo - Los Angeles, CA - July 5th-8th - Dealers Booth 3816
San Diego Comic Con - San Diego, CA - July 19th-23rd - Dealers Booth 1708
Nan Desu Kan - Denver, CO - August 31st-Sept 2nd - Artist Alley Table TBA
DesignerCon - Anaheim, CA - Nov 16th-18th - Booth TBA
KawaiiKon - Honolulu, HI - April 5th-7th - Artist Alley Table TBA
SakuraCon - Seattle, WA - April 19th-21st - Dealers Booth TBA
Fanime - San Jose, CA - May 25th-28th - Dealers Booth 510

We love to travel and meet our supporters all over the world. Is your favorite event not listed? Contact us with your suggestions and we'll try our best to visit!  Or better yet, suggest us to your local con as a vendor you'd like to see in their dealers hall/artists alley.