About inki-Drop

inki-Drop artist Shelly Rodriguez creates adorably fresh character designs and illustrations. Add a drop of ocean cuteness to your life!

With the iconic “Crabapple” at the helm, over a dozen unique designs are part of the crew!

Look forward to the World of Whimsea children's book series, arriving Fall 2019.


About the Artist

I'm a dreamer, a creator and a wannabe mermaid. ♥

I love the ocean and all of it's creatures, from the obviously adorable sea otter to the strange and wonderfully gross blobfish. Every single animal and plant is important, no matter how cute, scary or repulsive. That's why I aim my work to be whimsical as well as educational.

When I'm not working on creating or selling inki-Drop goodies, you can find me putting the finishing touches on my next costume, trawling crunchyroll for anime or sipping a cool margarita.

Follow me on Instagram for photo pretties or Twitter--I love to chat!